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The Letter You've Been Waiting 18 Years For

Dear Parent,

It's an exciting moment.

The letter arrives in the mail, your child's name printed in the center. You lift it up, rubbing your thumb across the embossed logo of the University. You're nervous and excited, too scared to open it right away …. you feel its weight … holding it up to the light …

...and finally you can't wait any longer. You open it.


Elation! You jump and yell …. or laugh or cry … celebrate with your family …. call and brag to relatives … but one thing is certain. You won't forget this moment.

Helping our children get into a good college is one of the proudest things we can do as parents. We're helping set them on the right path … giving them the tools they'll need to succeed in a competitive, globalized world.

We're sending them to a place where they will discover important truths about themselves … meet interesting people and make life long friends … and begin a path that is truly their own.

These days, the 'C' in College stands for Competitive

We all know that college admissions are a lot more competitive these days, with more and more students – including international students – competing for a spot at America's best colleges. That means our children work harder – taking on more challenging course work and loading their schedules with one activity after another – than students ever have before.

 It's a fact that many of our students lead more stressful lives than fortune 500 CEOs!

 What do Colleges Look For?

 Colleges do their best to look at the complete individual who applies, but the truth is that there are far too many applicants to scrutinize closely. Though they pay attention to things like extracurricular activities, sports, adverse circumstances, and the spirit of a student that shines through their application essays – the fact is, colleges still pay the most attention to two important measures: their GPA and SAT or ACT scores.

 For small colleges, SAT (or ACT) and GPA combined make up about 74% of their admissions decision; for large colleges, like the University of Washington or Harvard, that number rises to 85%.

 No wonder, then, that more and more students every year spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars at tutoring agencies to raise their GPAs and increase their SAT or ACT scores. In other countries, the money spent on private tutoring can almost match the money spent on public education!

 We all want the extra edge, the competitive advantage that can help us grow past our limitations and conquer our goals.

 The A Plus Advantage

 A Plus Academy helps give you that competitive advantage.

 We are a boutique tutoring agency in Edmonds that helps students raise their grades and their standardized test scores – like the SAT – while at the same time helping them develop the kind of thinking and study skills that will help them succeed once they get into the college they want.

 We begin every relationship with a free evaluation interview, and help create a study plan that will help your student achieve their college goals … whether that means raising their GPA or increasing their standardized test scores.

When it comes to Money, College Matters: 

  • The median income for someone with no college is $35,000 
  • The median income for a person with at least a bachelor's degree jumps to $55,000. That's a 57% increase
  • And for graduates from the top 20 earning schools, that number rockets to $61,00


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Posted by admin on May 13, 2013